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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Can I Tell You Something?

Your beautiful, stunning. Just stunning, like flawless. And you truly have a marvelous spirit and heart.. its just your choice if you want to let that spirit and heart shine. Can i tell you something? LET IT SHINE. We all want to see.. YOU. Not somebody you think is better or what you think people want. Be you, because your wonderful. You don't need a guy / girl to complete you.. You've got it all. Just look in the mirror, i hope you love what you see. DON'T LET ANYBODY tell you you AREN'T something.. not cool, not pretty, not smart, not kind, not funny.. because you ARE. If your not nice to people? Change that. And tell your funniest jokes.. making people laugh is amazing ;) I want you to be you. God wants you to be you. And YOU? Your fabulous. Everybody is perfect in their own special ways. Be happy in life. Show people how you feel, and let people be there for you. Let yourself SHINE. ;)

And guess what? I love you. Your parents love you. God loves you. Your friends love you. The world WILL love you, if you give it a chance. But dont worry, i will always love you. Just don't do bad things, okay? :)

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