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Thursday, 28 July 2011

In life, you'll meet three people.

Guess what I'll story about this post?
Did you know that you'll meet three people in your LIFE.
I repeat again. THREE PEOPLE.

Now I'll show you whom three of person that must you know !!!!!!!

The first one will be the one you love
The second will be the one who loves you.
The third will be the one you'll end up with.

Sadly, in real life, these three people are usually not the same person.
The one you love most doesn’t love you.
The one, who love you most, is never the one you love most.
And the one you spend your life with, is never the one you love most or the one who love you most.
He is just the person who happens to be at the right place at the right time.

Which person are you in other people’s life?
No person will purposely have a change of heart.
At the point in time when he loves you, he really loves you.
But when he doesn’t love you anymore, he really doesn’t love you anymore.
When he loves you, he can’t pretend that he doesn’t.
Same goes, when he loves you no more, there’s no way he can pretend he loves you.

When a person doesn’t love you and wants to leave you.
You must ask yourself if you still love him,
If you also don’t love him anymore, do not keep him just to save your pride.
If you still love him, you should wish him happiness,
And hope that he will be with the one he loves most, not stop him from it.
If you stop him from finding true happiness with the one he loves,
It shows you already don’t love him,
And if you don’t love him,
What rights do you have to blame him for a change of heart?

Love is not possessive, if you like the moon; you can’t just take it down and put it in your basin,
But the moonlight still shines upon you. In other words, when you love a person,
You can use another method of possessing the person.
Let him become a permanent memory in you life.
If you really love a person, you must love him for what he is.
Love him for his good points, and the bad,
You can’t wish for him to become like what you like him to be just because you love him.
If he can’t change to become what you like him to be, you don’t love him anymore.
When you really love a person, you cannot find a reason why you love him,
You only know that no matter when and where, good mood or bad mood,

You will wish to have this person be with you.
Real love is when two people can go through the toughest problems without asking for promises or listing criteria’s.
In a relationship, you have to put in effort and give in at times, not always be on the receiving end.
Being away from each other is a type of test, if the relationship isn’t strong, then you can only admit defeat.
Real love will never become hate.

When two people are in love, they love to ask each other to swear, to make promises.
Why do they ask each other to swear and promise?
Because they don’t trust each other, they don’t trust their lover.
These swear and promises are useless;
Till the sky falls, till the ocean dry, my love for you will never change!
We all know that the sky will never fall; the ocean will never dry,
Even if it does happen, are we still alive by then?
Be careful when making promises; don’t make promises that you cannot keep.
Swear by things that can never happen, because it can never happen, so no harm just saying it casually.
Remember, swearing by things that can never happen are the most touching!!

In a relationship, what you say is one thing, but what you do is another;
The one saying, doesn’t believe; the one listening, also doesn’t believe.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Spectacle :D

hey hey guys. hari ni zira nak cerita pasal spectacle. HAHA nak tau tak power spec zira da naik sampai 400. wah! tinggi kn kn kn. Tu la, dulu spec ada jarang nak pakai.Asyik pakai kat dalam kelas. [kalau sape perasan la kan :)] tu pon kadang-kadang je. Bila parent tau pasal power spec da naik. dorang ckp " hari-hari menghadap laptop siapa suruh. kweng-kweng kan da kene :)

so next week bermula la zira pakai spec sepanjang masa. *kalo zira nak pakai la. HAHA


zira nak share ngan korang cikit pasal pemilihan spec mengikut muka kita

memilih spec yang sesuai dengan muka kita amat sukar. *betul tak?

Let's be honest, we all believe having the right face furniture can turn you into a rock-god, an A-list movie star, or at least make us look more intelligent and interesting.
When we buy glasses we worry about three things, will they suit us, will they help us to see better and will they help protect our eyes?
We believe we can put your mind at rest on all three of these points. :)

Square Face Shape
A square face has a broad, deep forehead, wide jaw line and square chin. Choose round style frames to soften the jaw line.

TRY:   Round and oval style frames with sides set at the top of the frame.

AVOID:   Thin, angular and square styles, and those with colour emphasis on the bottom rim.

Round Face Shape
A round face is fairly short with a wide forehead, often with full cheeks and a rounded chin. 

TRY:   Styles that are wider than they are deep, and square or upswept shapes that draw attention to your upper face. Choose styles with high set sides, and those with colour or decoration on the temples.
AVOID:   Small and round shapes and very large frames which will make your face look rounder.

Oval Face Shape
An oval face is well balanced and softly rounded; the forehead is slightly wider than the jaw,  which curves gently, and the cheekbones are high. An oval face looks good in most styles, so be adventurous!

TRY:   Modern small, geometric styles.
AVOID:   Styles that are uncomfortable to wear or that you feel do not suit your face.

Long Face Shape
A long face has high cheekbones and a deep forehead. You can balance the face's narrowness with the right frame style. A style with all over colour will suit you.

TRY:   Wide frames and those with a strong top line. A larger, square frame can give balance to a long, oval face.
AVOID:   Small, square shapes.

Triangular Face Shape
This type of face shape has a comparatively narrow forehead and eye line, broadening to the jaw line.

TRY:   Bold styles as they will add balance to the face.
AVOID:   Small Narrow frames.

Heart Shaped Face
A heart-Shaped face has a broad forehead, tapering to a small neat chin and mouth. Choose smaller styles without decorative detail on the temples.

TRY:   Slender, rounded or square styles, with lower set sides.
AVOID:   Styles which are wider at the top; these will reflect the face shape rather than balance it.

****korang bila nak beli spec tu, tgk dulu jenis spec tu sesuai tak dengan muka :) NGEEEE :D

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wordless Wednesday

how can I describe about this picture??

Thursday, 7 July 2011


Is this a word? Because, if it’s not, I submit that it should be. It would be used to describe that particular sense of longing one feels in the morning following a dream that has taken you some place, with someone, that you’d like to stay for a while longer; it’s that feeling in your chest when you realize it was all just a dream and you never really shared that experience with another person, and that you can’t even talk about it with them, because that would not only ruin the experience you had in the dream (attemping to translate the feeling of a dream into words is always, at best, a huge disappointment), but would also be very strange for them to hear; it’s that slow dulling of emotions throughout the day when you learn - because you have to - to re-accept your life as it is.


This morning, I have dreamache.

Friday, 1 July 2011

style of shawls

hey guys, today zira nak cerita pasal shawl,
perasan tak sekarang da macam2 style shawl updated sampai kan zira xleh nak terkejar dengan semua itu. the latest style updated is style turban yang Yuna pernah pakai, nanti zira tunjuk kan video dia :)
*yang famous sekali bila gegurl nak tiru gaya Hana Tajima 
she's cute right?

zira just pakai shawl chiffoon je tak mampu lagi beli shawl satin,
hehehe :)

yang ini the easy way nak pakai shawl macam Hana Tajima, if korang berminat try la tgk video ni [ALL IN LIGHT]
cara shawl ni paling zira suka, 

simple loose ni, zira selalu pakai time nak g kolej,
but its better when we wear it with pashmina. its not difficult to wear it. suitable for those for people who's cute looking like me [just kidding] 
like this :
i love purple. wink wink ;)

ni latest style Turban Head Scarf yang Yuna pakai
*sumpah zira xreti nak wat style ni =.="

tapi kan xsemua kite leh tiru style shawl kan, first thing, kite mesti tau style yang kite nak wat tu sesuai tak ngan muke kite o tak, :) yang mana kite berminat je kite tiru style tersebut, xyah la sampai semua kite nak updated, ada certain tu xkene dengan gaya baju dress kan, so gegurl kat sana, kalo nak berstyle kan, kite wat experiment kat rumah dulu, ok ke x,
but seriously bile kite terkejar-kejar style of shawl ni kan, shawl kite pon akn melambak kat rumah, mane tak nya every month je ade je nak bli shawl, pashmina nye, ikot kemampuan kite la kan ^_^. macam zira, zira ikot mood je nak bli shawl. ikot mood2 pon, shawl zira da ade lebih dari 30 helai, banyak x?

*banyak lagi zira nak post kat blog, tapi disebabkan masa terhad je dapat guna lappy, so next week zira akn post lagi pasal style of shawl k,